Five takeaways from Lakers’ loss to Pelicans

The Lakers are struggling. Again. Here are five takeaways from their 109-102 loss Wednesday at New Orleans. The game was nowhere near as close as it looked, the Pelicans leading by 17 before the benches were emptied in the final minutes.

1. Defense, defense, defense. Byron Scott said before the game that he hoped the Lakers would be “the initiator. Hit first.” Instead they got belted, giving up 60 points in the paint. Somewhat pathetically, they even tried to play zone defense for a bit. Ugh.

2. Anthony Davis introduced himself to the Lakers last November, humbling Pau Gasol via full domination. On Wednesday, he made 12 of 16 shots for 25 points. And added 12 rebounds. With six blocked shots. If there’s a more dominant big man in the game on both ends of the court, please let me know.

3. Carlos Boozer made six of 13 shots, the fifth time in eight games he’s made fewer than half his shots. Not a great look for a player with career accuracy of 52% before this season.

4. Ed Davis continues to work hard near the basket, taking 11 rebounds and blocking two shots in 27 minutes. He also had eight points.

5. It borders on the macabre to look ahead at the Lakers’ schedule but they play host to San Antonio and Golden State this weekend before next week’s road trip to Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Uh-oh.