Tiger Woods struggles at Masters, finishes tied for 17th

Tiger Woods hits from the No. 2 tee during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday.

Tiger Woods hits from the No. 2 tee during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday.

(David Cannon / Getty Images)

On the heels of an impressive round Saturday that invoked flashbacks to his vintage performances at Augusta National Golf Club, Tiger Woods struggled to further revive his reputation as one of golf’s elite following a tough day at the Masters.

Woods finished the tournament tied for 17th at five-under overall, which was still his best result since 2013. He finished with a one-over 73 on the day and hit the fairway only twice from the tee.

Jordan Spieth became the youngest player since Woods to win the Masters, finishing at 18-under for the tournament.


Woods entered the final round posting consecutive sub-70 scores for the first time at Augusta National since his last Masters win in 2005. He finished the third round with a four-under-par 68, propelling him into a five-way tie for fifth on the leaderboard.

Rory McIlroy, who is ranked No. 1 in the world and was paired with Woods, shot a six-under 66 to finish at -12 overall.

For updated scores on all of the golfers, check out the Masters leaderboard. The final round is also streaming live on the Masters website.

Hole No. 1, Tea Olive: Par 4, 445 yards - Result: Par | Score: -6 (T5)

A poor start to the final round. Woods’ tee shot lands behind the gallery to the left of the fairway. The ball goes all the way to the Carolina Cherry fairway at No. 9. The No. 1 tee at Augusta National has historically been troublesome for Woods, and today is no exception. Woods recovers admirably with a shot that lands on the fringe of the green just behind the bunker. His 60-foot birdie attempt has enough momentum, but runs a bit wide. Two-footer for par.

Hole No. 2, Pink Dogwood: Par 5, 575 yards - Result: Par | Score: -6 (T6)

Woods’ 299-yard drive bounces off to the left of the fairway, but it shouldn’t stop him from challenging for a birdie. His easily lands on the green with his next shot. An eagle attempt from 54 feet out runs wide. Woods fails to get the birdie after missing a five-foot putt. Par feels like a bogey here.

Hole No. 3, Flowering Peach: Par 4, 350 yards - Result: Par | Score: -6 (T5)

Another less-than-stellar drive for Woods, who sends it into the bunker to the left of the flag. He finds redemption with a dead-on chip that rolls to within nine feet from the hole. But Woods is struggling with his putting game, so far, and he misses the birdie try before tapping in.

Hole No. 4, Flowering Crab Apple: Par 3, 240 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: -5 (T9)

Woods makes another trip to the bunker. Woods’ 220-yard tee shot lands in the right front bunker 14 yards from the pin. He digs it out, where it drops nine feet away from the hole, but he can’t save par. McIlroy also bogeys and the playing pair fall a notch on the leaderboard.

Hole No. 5, Magnolia: Par 4, 455 yards - Result: Par | Score: -5 (T10)

So far, Woods and McIlroy aren’t putting on a thrilling performance by any means. Woods’ 279-yard drive lands to the right of the fairway, but provides a nearly straight line to the pin about 190 yards away. The second shot lands solidly on the green to set up a 41-foot putt for birdie, which comes up short. Par is achieved from three feet out.

Hole No. 6, Juniper: Par 3, 180 yards - Result: Par | Score: -5 (T10)

A fine tee shot lands Woods slightly off the green behind the flag about 16 feet out. A birdie is certainly possible. The four-time Masters champion settles for par after his second shot rolls slightly past the pin.

Hole No. 7, Pampas: Par 4, 450 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: -4 (T16)

The mixed day at the tee continues. Woods sends the ball just off to the right of the fairway. His 224-yard approach shot is off the mark, landing in the right front bunker about 23 yards away. He then wedges the ball to within 10 feet on the pin, managing to keep the ball on the relatively small green. But Woods misses the putt and settles for another bogey. Woods is two over for the afternoon.

Hole No. 8, Yellow Jasmine: Par 5, 570 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: -5 (T13)

Woods barely misses the fairway off the tee and moves to the ball about 10 yards short of the green on his second shot. The position offers good chance for a birdie. The third shot curves nicely onto the green to within four feet of the hole. Woods sinks it for his fourth birdie on No. 8 this tournament.

Hole No. 9, Carolina Cherry: Par 4, 460 yards - Result: Par | Score: -5 (15)

Woods hits into trouble once again on No. 9, finding the trees to the right of the fairway for the fourth time this week. Woods hits what appears to be a root on his second shot and immediately shouts out in pain while holding his right wrist. He slowly makes his way to the ball, which landed 18 yards from the pin. He is in obvious pain, but he appears to be trying to shake it off. Woods’ putt comes to within four feet of the pin. Woods still appears to be grimacing. He is favoring his right hand. Woods makes the par putt.

Hole No. 10, Camellia: Par 4, 495 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: -4 (T15)

The wrist is still an issue. He shanks his tee shot, sending it into the rough behind the right-side gallery. Woods immediately shakes his right wrist after hitting the ball. He’s struggled to hit a fairway all day, so it’s hard to say how much his wrist is at fault since the ball did travel more than 370 yards. Woods’ second shot hits a tree and lands in the rough only a short distance away. He recovers nicely to make the green, but a 16-foot putt for par looks improbable. While the wrist doesn’t seem to visibly be bothering him, Tiger misses the putt and settles for his third bogey.

Hole No. 11, White Dogwood: Par 4, 505 yards - Result: Par | Score: -4 (T17)

Another missed fairway, but Woods has a good look to the pin 140 yards away. He has yet to hit a fairway today. A great second shot puts him a good position for at least par. Woods’ birdie chip is a little too aggressive and it runs past the hole. Six-footer for par is good.

Hole No. 12, Golden Bell: Par 3, 155 yards - Result: Par | Score: -4 (T17)

Woods drops it on the green in what is probably his nicest shot of the afternoon. A birdie will still be tough to get, though. His putt rolls just to the right of the lip of cup -- par again.

Hole No. 13, Azalea: Par 5, 510 yards - Result: Eagle | Score: -6 (T12)

Finally, Woods makes the fairway for the first time today, positioning himself for a straight shot to the pin 200 yards away. He follows with a dead-on approach that puts him in good position for at least a birdie. Woods sinks the 25-foot putt for eagle in what has been a good hole for him this week (the signature fist pump made an appearance at No. 13 on Saturday).

Hole No. 14, Chinese Fir: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: -5 (T17)

The fairway proves elusive again for Woods, but his approach runs off the edge of the green. His putt rolls to within five feet of the cup, but, incredibly, he misses the next putt and bogeys. Woods falls to one over on the day.

Hole No. 15, Firethorn: Par 5, 530 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: -6 (T12)

Woods’ 325-yard drive barely misses the fairway, but it still offers a decent spot for the approach. Woods has missed every fairway but one today. According to the Golf Channel, it’s the most fairways Woods has ever missed during a round of the Masters. His second shot goes a bit wide of the pin, though a birdie is possible if he doesn’t repeat his effort from No. 14. He makes the birdie putt after putting just wide of an eagle.

Hole No. 16, Redbud: Par 3, 170 yards - Result: Par | Score: -6 (T12)

The bad day from the tee continues -- Woods hits it into the bunker in front of the green. A solid recovery leaves him six feet from the cup and in good position for par, which he makes. Woods is even on the day in contrast to his playing partner Rory McIlroy, who is five-under for the round.

Hole No. 17, Nandina: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Par | Score: -6 (T13)

The tee shot goes into the rough and nearby trees could complicate the next shot. The approach bounces past the green. Woods makes par after a solid third shot.

Hole No. 18, Holly: Par 4, 465 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: -5 (T18)

Woods hits the middle of a fairway for the first time today with a nice, 292-yard drive. His approach, however, misses the mark, traveling wide left of the green and into the gallery. Woods misses the par attempt and settles for his second bogey on the hole in as many days. Still, it’s Woods’ best finish in a tournament since 2013.