Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, hostels for all ages

If rappelling repels you, walk

For those a little more tame than Hugo Martín (“Off the Strip Outrageous,” Oct. 14), Red Rock Canyon also offers interesting and easy walks. I saw wild bighorn sheep and purchased some beautiful Native American baskets in the shop of the administration building.

--Gloria Jaguden, Los Angeles


Along with Red Rock Canyon and the mountain-bike fun of Blue Diamond, there are the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area and the numerous trail heads for high-elevation hiking at Mt. Charleston, only a 30- to 40-minute drive up U.S. 95 from Las Vegas.

The Desert View trail head, at 8,100 feet, has a breathtaking viewpoint.

Mt. Charleston is one of Nevada’s greatest natural treasures.

--Pete Davis, Oxnard

Hostels not just for the kids

I am 64 years old and I have had wonderful experiences staying at hostels from Moscow to Istanbul. I was taken aback by the statement in “Bed & Backpack” (Oct. 14) about the advantages of hostels to “young cost-conscious travelers.”

For travelers of any age, one advantage of a hostel is not merely low cost but also the opportunity to talk to the other guests without the necessity of formal introductions.

--Ruth Kramer Ziony, Los Feliz