Here's a tip: Americans are No. 1 in leaving gratuities

60% of Americans say they always tip while on vacation
Restaurant workers are most likely to get a tip from Americans

The U.S. was eliminated from the World Cup last week, losing worldwide bragging rights when it comes to soccer.

But Americans can brag about being No. 1 when it comes to tipping service workers.

A survey of more than 25,000 people from around the world named Americans as the most likely to tip, with 60% of U.S. travelers saying they always tip for service while on vacation. In contrast, only 49% of Germans said they always tip, followed by 33% for Brazilians, 30% of Spaniards, 28% for Russians, 26% for British and 15% for the French.

According to the survey by the travel site, 23% of Americans feel guilty if they don’t tip and 34% leave a tip even when they get poor service.

Americans tip restaurant staff 97% of the time, according to the survey, while pool staff get tipped the least, only 2% of the time.

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