Extreme hotel amenities include tanning butler

Is your hotel up to snuff? One gauge: Does it have a tanning butler?

In one- or two-star hotels, you might be content to get free waffles or a complimentary newspaper in the morning.

But some luxury hotels go beyond waffles and newspapers, according to the travel review site Oyster.com, which recently released a list of the nine most extreme amenities offered at hotels worldwide.

For example, the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach Miami employs a tanning butler, who patrols the pool, applying sunscreen on guests. At the Lanesborough Hotel in London, a tea sommelier is available to help guests during afternoon tea service.

The Hotel deLuxe in Portland, Ore., offers access to a pet psychic and a pet psychologist for animal guests who are having trouble coping with the pressure in their lives.

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