What net neutrality decision isn't: A takeover of the Internet

No, the government isn't taking over the Internet

Here's what went down on Thursday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Net neutrality: The Federal Communications Commission adopts rules making the Internet a level playing field for all content providers. It also makes a significant advance on the consumer privacy front. But it’s not taking over the Internet.

Edible coffee: KFC is testing an edible coffee cup in Britain. Basically, the cup is a chocolate-lined cookie. Yes, that means more calories, but it also means one less piece of trash littering the environment.

Smart bottle: A chip-equipped bottle of Johnny Walker Blue is being tested. It would allow shoppers to see if special offers are available by waving their smartphone in front of the bottle at the store. It also would send an alert if someone opens the bottle when you're not around.

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