Wal-Mart's raises prompt questions about company's motivation

It's great that Wal-Mart is giving workers raises. But why now?

For a quick take on the latest consumer news, check out Thursday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Wal-Mart. The country's largest private employer says it will give raises to about half a million workers. This is a good thing. But experts say the company is just getting ahead of expected increases in minimum wages in various states, including California.

Reddit. The social-networking website plans to give 10% of its revenue to charity. This too is a good thing. Even better, it says users will pick the nonprofits by voting online.

Thin Mints. Brace yourself -- there's a shortage of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Deliveries of the treats could be delayed by about a week. All we can do is come together as a nation and try to be strong in this hour of adversity.

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