The cost of being Batman: $682,451,350

Being the Dark Knight isn’t easy on the body or soul. The job also weighs heavy on the wallet.

The total cost of the Batman persona rings in at $682,451,350 -- and that doesn’t include the $7-billion Wayne Enterprises, according to an infographic from

Bruce Wayne’s home, which had to be rebuilt to the tune of $600 million after being destroyed, requires $37,000 to run each year.

He’s got vehicles worth $80 million. The Tumbler vehicle alone, which is outfitted with front-mounted machine guns, GPS and has stealth and self-destruct capabilities, goes for $18 million.

Wayne’s gadgets are valued at more than $162,000: think $50,000 grappling hook launcher, $6,000 hand-held grenade launcher and more.

The hero is also well-educated and highly trained. He shelled out $500,000 each for his military pilot training, special forces training and engineering degrees.

His custom graphite cowl -- the hooded mask that shields his face and head -- runs $1 million. The cape made of memory cloth polymer costs $40,000.

How does Batman attract hordes of bats at a moment’s notice? A $1,000 ultrasonic bat caller.

Where, a British price comparison website, gets its numbers is unclear. Earlier this summer, a blog post from H&R Block posted a similar comics-inspired infographic using equally mysterious data.

 According to that post, Bruce Wayne pulls in an estimated annual income of $102 million, not counting stock options. Out of the Batsuit, an average designer ensemble costs $20,425.

Saving the world ain't cheap, folks.


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