Guests can soon pick a room from a hotel floor plan

Guests at Hilton Worldwide hotels soon will be able to pick a room from a hotel floor plan

Thanks to digital technology, hotel guests have the power to reserve a room, check in, order room service and look up nearby restaurants or clubs, all with a few key strokes on a laptop or mobile device.

Hilton Worldwide, one of the largest hotel operators in the world, now plans to give guests even more booking options. By the end of the year, Hilton said it will allow guests to pick their room from a floor plan at more than 4,000 hotels from 11 brands.

Hilton added this option for good reason: 37% of business travelers said getting a bad room location was the most frustrating part of booking a room, according to a Hilton survey.

The new service might eliminate getting stuck with a room next to the noisy banquet hall and instead put you in a room overlooking the pool.

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