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California vs. Texas

Toyota admits deceiving consumers; $1.2-billion penalty is record

Toyota says it misled consumers and regulators about two defects that caused sudden-acceleration incidents.

Disney Hall: Yasuhisa Toyota's fluid, innovative approach to sound

Yasuhisa Toyota overcame many challenges, including Disney Hall's unusual shape, to create his signature 'surround style' of acoustics at the hall.

Texas Supreme Court rules against Toyota in rollover case

The carmaker is ordered to face contempt charges in a suit filed by a paralyzed woman who received a $1.5-million settlement. She now says she settled only because the firm withheld documents.

Toyota subpoenaed again, this time over faulty steering components

Grand jury seeks documents from the automaker related to steering relay rods, which are crucial to the handling and control of vehicles, as investigations into sudden acceleration and other safety matters continue.

Toyota offers little to rave about in 2013 RAV4

While it's functional and more sporty than past Toyotas, it can't match the rapidly improving sophistication of such vehicles as the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape.

A commercial Endeavour for Toyota

The carmaker is lending a Tundra pickup to tow the space shuttle over the 405 Freeway en route to the California Science Center.

Toyota settlement may set bar for sudden-acceleration payouts

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit over a fiery San Diego crash last year that claimed four lives and drew national attention to the issue of sudden acceleration in its vehicles.

2012 Camry: Sharper angles, but nothing edgy in this update

Although the 2012 Camry and its hybrid version certainly improve in these areas, the updates are incremental and calculated. Don't expect it to vault above its competitors.

Toyota to recall 2.17 million more vehicles

Toyota's new round of recalls underlines the difficulty the automaker faces in trying to put sudden-acceleration problems behind it.

Safety regulators subpoena 'black box' data from Toyota truck involved in fatal crash

The subpoena is issued to William Rosenbluth, an expert in black boxes, who obtained the event data recorder from the family of victim of Christopher Eves.

Toyota ratchets up the room with 2012 Prius v

More than 2 million Toyota Prius hybrids have been sold since the car was introduced in 1997, with only minor changes to its aerodynamic profile. But that's about to change with the 2012 Prius v.

Toyota data recorders reveal no new causes of sudden acceleration

A review of 'black box' recorders from 58 vehicles in accidents blamed on unintended acceleration did not find any new safety defects, federal regulators say.

Toyota reveals Lexus engine troubles

About 270,000 vehicles sold worldwide — seven Lexus models and one Toyota — have faulty engines that could stall out. No accidents have been linked to the problem.

Auto safety bill is scaled back in face of industry opposition

Changes to the legislation in the face of auto industry opposition disappoint safety advocates. Lawmakers say the bill sets realistic goals.