Letters: Toyota's deadly deception

Re "Toyota says it deceived consumers," March 20

If ever there existed a catalyst for changing the way this country deals with corporate crime, it has to be here now. On the heels of revelations that General Motors failed to take timely action to correct ignition switch problems that caused at least 12 fatalities comes Thursday's headline, "Toyota says it deceived consumers."


Really? Citizens United and Joe Isuzu notwithstanding, who is this person, "Toyota," and how does he get away with causing "hundreds of fatalities and injuries" through a "campaign of disinformation" to fool regulators and not go to trial and eventually to jail? Yes, Mr. Toyota will pay a record fine, $1.2 billion, but that's only about 6% of his projected profit for the fiscal year.

What about justice for the people and their families whose lives have been destroyed by Toyota's lies? It's time for new laws that put faces on corporations and place responsibility on executives and managers for their actions.

James Peterson


I guess I got an incomplete newspaper. My copy didn't include the story of who in Toyota is being criminally charged after the car company's deception.

Terence Bunker