American Music Awards show claims Twitter TV trophy

American Music Awards show claims Twitter TV trophy
The "American Music Awards" show, in which singers R. Kelly and Lady Gaga performed, was the most tweeted about show on TV for the week, according to Nielsen SocialGuide. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

This post has been corrected:

With One Direction, Taylor Swift and and Justin Timberlake claiming trophies during Sunday's broadcast of the "American Music Awards," it's no surprise that the show claimed the week's top award on Twitter.

The show was the most tweeted about event on TV last week, generating more than 7 million comments seen by more than 10 million Twitter users, according to Nielsen's SocialGuide rankings. The awards show embraced social media, allowing viewers to watch the digital preshow on, Yahoo and other streaming sites. Winners also were determined by online voting.

NBC's singing competition, "The Voice," played runner-up in the Twitter TV sweepstakes, generating nearly 800,000 tweets that reached nearly 4 million Twitter users.

The music-focused shows collectively produced more social media buzz than AMC's "The Walking Dead," the zombie drama that produced more than 200,000 Twitter comments that reached a Twitter audience of 3.2 million.

The SocialGuide rankings for the week of Nov. 18 are:

  1. 2013 American Music Awards (ABC), Sunday, Unique Audience: 10,231,900, Tweets: 7,602,600
  2. The Voice (NBC), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 3,848,800, Tweets: 778,400
  3. The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday, Unique Audience: 3,207,500, Tweets: 205,200
  4. American Horror Story: Coven (FX), Unique Audience: 2,570,800, Tweets: 149,600
  5. David Blaine: Real or Magic (ABC), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 2,438,500, Tweets: 72,700
  6. Scandal (ABC), Thursday, Unique Audience:2,022,100, Tweets: 395,600
  7. The Voice (NBC), Monday, Unique Audience: 1,835,300, Tweets: 137,300
  8. The X Factor (FOX), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 1,795,300, Tweets: 260,400
  9. The X Factor (FOX), Thursday, Unique Audience: 1,779,700, Tweets: 196,800
  10. Awkward. (MTV), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 1,547,900, Tweets: 78,300