Emmys chat: Join 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Terry Crews on Thursday

Emmys chat: Join 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Terry Crews on Thursday
Terry Crews of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" chats with The Times' Glenn Whipp. (Michelle Maltais)

Terry Crews is one busy man. He just beat Mike Tyson in "Lip Sync Battle" with a performance of "A Thousand Miles" that would bring Vanessa Carlton to tears. (How does he command so much emotion from those pecs?) He hosts "World's Funniest." And, of course, he's part of our favorite ensemble comedy, Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," playing devoted family man Sgt. Terence "Terry" Jeffords.

Somehow, though, he'll be finding the time to stop by the Los Angeles Times' studio on Thursday at 11 a.m. PDT to talk "Nine-Nine," which is wrapping up its second season Sunday, and how he'll be spending his summer vacation away from the show.

Plenty of football players have gone into acting, but few, if any, have displayed the kind of comic chops that Crews puts to use on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as well as all those Old Spice commercials. And then there was that hypnotic "Ebony and Ivory" duet on "The Tonight Show" that, according to Jimmy Fallon, cured Paul McCartney of the common cold. Is there anything the man can't do? We bet he can even answer your questions. Just try him. Tweet them to us using the hashtag #AskLATimes.

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