Emmy Contenders: Tituss Burgess still likes his Pinot Noir, thank you

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' star @TitussBurgess appreciates the Pinot Noir. But please: Stay off his steps.

If you're not looking at a glass (or, if you're like us, a bottle) of Pinot Noir a bit differently these days, you somehow missed Tituss Burgess' viral video sensation from the Netflix comedy "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," a giddy minute that found more ways to rhyme with the word "noir" than we thought possible. And we're old enough to remember this guy.

Burgess stopped by The Times recently to talk about his breakout role on the show and the differences between "Kimmy Schmidt's" Titus (one S) and the actor himself (named after the apostle Paul's protege, with a bonus S), many of which can be gleaned simply by the absence of glitter anywhere on the outfit Burgess wore to the building.

We discussed how Burgess related to the career strivings of "Kimmy's" Titus and how auditioning for the part gave him some insight into what made the character tick. The "Peeno Noir" song was, of course, dissected, with Burgess admitting he initially thought it was a bad idea and how, in its aftermath, people are sending wine to him in restaurants. (A better idea than sitting on the steps of his apartment -- watch the video.)

And he also has some ideas about his dream "Kimmy Schmidt" guest stars, which he shares here. (You didn't think we could contain all the Titus(s) goodness to one segment, did you?) Enjoy with your favorite beverage! We ask simply that you drink responsibly.

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