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'The Bridge's' Kruger and Bichir on Season 2: Lots of murders!

'I wouldn't get attached to anyone on the show!' Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir tease Season 2 of 'The Bridge.'

Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir, stars of FX's dark drama "The Bridge," stopped by The Times recently to talk about their intriguing show, which will return for its second season on July 9. And, apparently, the bullets are flying.

"I wouldn't get attached to anyone on the show!" Kruger says. "Trust me, when I do, they're killed in the most horrific way. There's lots of murders this year. It feels darker, less procedural, less of us going to the police station and talking about police stuff. It feels like our personal lives as characters are getting mixed up in this world that is happening on the border and things go really gray."

"The Bridge" began with El Paso detective Sonya Cross (Kruger) and Chihuahua state policeman Marco Ruiz (Bichir) trying to track down a serial killer working along the Texas-Mexico border. The friendship between the two deepened over the course of the season, as some terrible things happened. (Don't listen to this conversation if you're not caught up on Season 1.)

Bichir and Kruger talk about the developments, how the show's writers kept them on their toes and how they almost made a William Friedkin movie together just before they were cast on "The Bridge." They're as engaging as you'd guess from watching them on the show. Have a listen, won't you?

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