'Orphan Black': Join a live chat with Tatiana Maslany today

Join actress Tatiana Maslany at 10 a.m. PDT today for a live video chat about Maslany's multiple turns in BBC America's sci-fi thriller TV series "Orphan Black."

In the first-year show, Maslany plays Sarah, a hard-luck case wanting to reunite with her young daughter. In the season's first episode, she sees a woman resembling herself commit suicide at a train station. Soon, Sarah finds there are many other identical versions of herself -- science geek, soccer mom, punker -- and, yes, they are clones and, of course, there are conspiracies surrounding them and much unraveling to be done.

In all, Maslany plays a dozen characters or versions of Sarah playing clones or Sarah playing clones impersonating clones or ... well, we'll stop here because it's making our heads hurt. Whatever the guise, Maslany is amazing. If you want to get technical about it, you could nominate the 27-year-old Canadian actress for an Emmy in both the lead actress and the supporting category for the fully realized way she brings all these characters to life. It's brilliant work, arguably the best of the year, and it's heartening to see that others are recognizing it too.

So join us this morning, flow charts and questions in hand, as we talk to one of the season's great discoveries.