'Walking Dead': Join a chat with 'Governor' David Morrissey today

Join actor David Morrissey and Times staff writer Glenn Whipp at noon PDT today for a live video chat about Morrissey's turn as the Governor on the AMC hit television series "The Walking Dead."

Fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book had long been anticipating the introduction of the iconic bad-guy character, the Governor, to the series, and, judging from this year's ratings, they weren't disappointed.

"We were looking for a talented actor who could play a lot of nuance,” showrunner Glen Mazzara said of casting Morrissey, a Liverpool native best known for his turn in the British miniseries “State of Play” and the noir-inflected “Red Riding” murder mystery film trilogy. “We didn’t want just an archvillain, someone who’s just going to be a mustache-twirling sadist. David’s a very versatile accomplished actor, he’s a total gentleman. What was great was he really was very open to our approach to the character. He was interested in playing this character with some humanity but not shying away from playing a character that develops into a brutal dictator eventually.”

We'll talk about that humanity and brutality (Andrea!) with Morrissey as well as his thoughts about where the character -- and the series -- might be heading next season. Join us, if only to say "ello govnah," though you're welcome to ask any and all questions too.


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