Chris Brown ordered to cool his heels in jail until April 23

Chris Brown is going nowhere fast: The R&B singer on Monday was ordered by a judge to sit his butt in jail until an April 23 hearing to determine whether he violated probation stemming from his 2009 beat-down of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Staying out of jail had been conditional on Brown staying in rehab until that trial date, but on Friday he was booted from the rehab facility and Judge James Brandlin ordered him arrested and jailed without bail. The singer spent the weekend behind bars, where he remains.


On Monday in court, it went on the record that Brown was kicked out of rehab after allegedly breaking multiple rules: refusing a drug test, touching a female and saying, in a group session, that he was "good at using guns and knives," L.A. Now reported. The comment was perceived as a threat.

Attorney Mark Geragos argued that Brown hadn't refused the test and in fact had passed two of them, had touched only a woman's elbows and should be allowed to express himself freely in group therapy. (Breezy had been ordered to stay 2 feet away from all women at the rehab, TMZ reported.)

But the judge wasn't buying it, after the prosecution noted that the R&B singer — who appeared Monday wearing jailhouse orange — had been given "repeated opportunities by this court" and still couldn't stay out of trouble.

Brown is scheduled to stand trial in Washington, D.C., on April 17 after refusing a plea deal in the alleged misdemeanor assault of a man who tried to take a picture with him. It was unclear if the judge would allow the singer to attend that trial. He and a bodyguard, who also rejected a plea deal, were both arrested on suspicion of felony assault in the Oct. 27 incident, but the charges were reduced when the extent of the alleged victim's injuries were assessed.

The singer had been ordered by an L.A. court to stay in rehab until the D.C. case was sorted out, but that fell apart when he was kicked out Friday.

If Brown is determined to have violated his continuing probation related to the February 2009 assault, to which he pleaded guilty, he could face more jail time.


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