You can thank Stacey Dash for Chrissy Teigen's viral Oscars face

You can thank Stacey Dash for Chrissy Teigen's viral Oscars face
Model Chrissy Teigen explains her latest viral facial expression, which took place at the Oscars. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

Chrissy Teigen is setting the record straight: Her latest awards-show expression to go viral was brought on by Stacey Dash's Oscars bit, not comedian Sarah Silverman.

"I was making the face from the Stacey Dash moment ahhhhhhh not Sarah!" the model-host tweeted, adding, "no I am not good at poker"

The "Cravings" cookbook author's talked-about moment came during the diversity-driven 88th Academy Awards on Sunday when host Chris Rock introduced the Fox News commentator — who'd said in January that there shouldn't be a Black History Month — as the new head of the academy's minority outreach program, and Dash wished the audience a "Happy Black History Month."

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The bit fell flat both in and outside the Dolby Theatre; few people laughed or clapped for Dash, and the fail was clearly displayed on Teigen's face. Dash, of "Clueless" fame, has also talked about ending the BET Awards in the name of diversity, making the whole shtick more puzzling than amusing. The actress later addressed the bit's failure on her blog with a "Jimmy Kimmel"-style reading of the mean tweets she received.

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As for Teigen, she appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday where she talked about her pregnancy and elaborated on her awkward look, which was glimpsed during a cutaway featuring Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan during Silverman's monologue.

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"Our whole area was still talking about it well into the Sarah Silverman segment because we were just so floored by the silence," Mrs. John Legend said of Dash's appearance. "And it was so funny to see Chris [Rock] and Kevin [Hart] both look at each other like, 'Oh man, that was weird.' And It was so funny to us. I can't, I gotta show my face. I can't hold in."

The "Lip Sync Battle" host said the reaction to her reaction was immediate during the ceremony.

"My phone was going insane. I was like, 'What have I done now?' You can't tell when the cameras are on. There's no red light here. You have no idea," she added. "But I can't believe I did it again though, because I still get sent the one from the Globes, so now I have another year of this happening."

About her facial contortions at the Golden Globes: Early last year, #chrissycryface took social media by storm after cameras caught her pained expression during her husband's Golden Globe Award acceptance speech.

"Sorry I don't practice my cry face okay," she tweeted at the time. "It's been 5 minutes and I'm a meme."

And a year later, she's garnered a whole new slew of them.

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