Unflappable Jennifer Lopez gets confetti-bombed at LAX, marches on

All hail, JLo! Jennifer Lopez received a colorful greeting as she made her way through the airport on Tuesday.

The "American Idol" judge was walking past LAX's ticket counters surrounded by paparazzi when a clown saluted her march with a puff of confetti.

The unflappable star, who was clad in large sunglasses, continued her strut with little fanfare and mussed the downpour out of her hair and off her sweater. Oh, no big deal, confetti clouds must be business as usual for the pop star.

The plume-wielding culprit was prankster Richie the Barber, according to TMZ, a clown who greeted Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian in a similar manner last year. The reality stars actually filed a battery report over the incident, the site said.

Indicentally, Lopez debuted a shoulder-skimming bob that same day, so maybe he was just celebrating the new look?


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