Justin Bieber posts 'new jet' pictures for Christmas

Justin Bieber posts 'new jet' pictures for Christmas
What did Justin Bieber get for Christmas? Santa must really like this dude ... (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

Christmas is turning into a big news day for Justin Bieber. Last year, he announced his "retirement." This year, he showed fans the inside of his new jet.

"New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful," the pop star said Thursday on Instagram as he posted a selfie with the plane's tricked-out interior in the background. He followed up with a shot of just the interior. 

"Merry Christmas she's a beauty," wrote the 20-year-old, who's been tweeting this week about spending the holiday with his family.
Annnnnd -- the rest of us got gift cards.
Given the Ministry's minimal (read, nonexistent) experience with private-jet purchases, we can't exactly peg this one's make and model at a glance, but even a smallish plane in this category would carry a multimillion-dollar price tag for a solo owner.
Perhaps by "new," Bieber meant it was new to him? New in general?
Or perhaps Bieber just gets a kick out of sparking crazy Bieber headlines with little or no effort?
Seriously, even manager Scooter Braun, who gave his premiere client a $100,000 car as an 18th-birthday present, would be hard-pressed to raise the bank needed to land this puppy under the tree.
Then again, Bieber was the highest-paid celebrity younger than 30 in 2014, according to Forbes, which estimated his annual take at $80 million.
Not bad for a retired guy.

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