Kim Kardashian tackles wedding rumors, racism

Kim Kardashian tackles wedding rumors, racism
Kim Kardashian attends the USC Shoah Foundation's 20th anniversary Ambassadors for Humanity gala on Wednesday in Los Angeles. At the event, President Obama received an Ambassador for Humanity Award presented by Steven Spielberg. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

Though Kim Kardashian has been busy debunking wedding rumors, she's still found a little time to weigh in on -- well, racism.

Yep, you read that right.


The reality star actually did both Wednesday, first running off a laundry list of untruths she said she's seen reported in recent days.

No, she tweeted, she and Kanye West aren't married yet. And no, don't believe any rumors of a massive guest list or pictures claiming to be her wedding dress. No list is out, and any pics are fake.

"No one has seen my dress!," she wrote.

Note: She didn't deny getting a marriage license, news that came out April 29 and sparked speculation that the couple would be getting married within days in a private civil service, to be followed up by a gala wedding celebration in France.

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" loyalists will get to view the activity leading up to the big day and all the fun stuff that happens after, the fashionista said, but the wedding itself will not be camera fodder.

"As much as we would love to share these memories on camera," she said, "we've decided to keep this close to our heart & share thru photos."

Perhaps that high-profile, two-part, four-hour wedding special with Kris Humphries did leave a mark? It's probably a move in the right direction that the world not be witness to anything like that again.

No comment either on a story circulating Thursday that has her third walk down the aisle allegedly held up by prenuptial-agreement negotiations. Well, she did start out by saying she wasn't going to dispute everything that was out there.

Kardashian then moved over to her blog to share her thoughts on racism, which are apparently altogether new thoughts for her.

"To be honest, before I had North, I never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought," she said, referring to her child, who is of mixed race. "It is obviously a topic that Kanye is passionate about, but I guess it was easier for me to believe that it was someone else's battle."

But recent incidents that "sickened" her -- no specifics were given, but it's not hard to imagine -- opened her eyes to issues her daughter might face as she grows up.

"I feel a responsibility as a mother, a public figure, a human being, to do what I can to make sure that not only my child, but all children, don't have to grow up in a world where they are judged by the color of their skin, or their gender, or their sexual orientation," she said. "I want my daughter growing up in a world where love for one another is the most important thing."

She framed her blog post as a "first step" toward not pretending racism and discrimination weren't her concern.

After all that, Kardashian spent the evening in Century City at the USC Shoah Foundation's 20th anniversary Ambassadors for Humanity gala, where President Obama received an award presented by director Steven Spielberg. Also in the crowd: Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen and Patty Scialfa, Liam Neeson, Conan O'Brien, Samuel L. Jackson, Octavia Spencer, Rita Wilson, Colin Hanks and Kate Capshaw, who is married to Spielberg.


So, wedding-dress pics, not real; racism, real. Also, Kim Kardashian, a human being.

Quite a busy day indeed.