Nikki Reed files for divorce from Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed has reportedly filed for divorce from husband Paul McDonald, following up on breakup plans the couple made public at the end of March. 

The divorce papers revealed an interesting detail, according to TMZ, which obtained the document. Remember how news of their Malibu wedding went public in October 2011? Well, apparently the docs say that the "Twilight" actress and the "American Idol" contestant actually tied the knot on July 14 of that year.


What the what?

Did someone slip over to the courthouse for a few "I do's" after dating for only four months, rather than tying the knot after the less-rushed-but-still-quick seven months we believed? That'd mean they made things official only about a month after their June 2011 engagement. Which came after they met for the first time at the "Red Riding Hood" premiere that March.

"Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life," McDonald said on Twitter on Oct. 17, 2011. "[E]verything was perfect. I'm officially a MARRIED MAN! Woohoo!"

Hmm. And to think, Paul, we trusted you. 
Other than that, the filing appears to be very routine: irreconcilable differences, no spousal support, no worries about child support because they never had any kids. 

When they announced their split, the couple also revealed they'd already been living apart for six months because of work -- but planned to continue working on an album together. Last week, Reed was still promoting McDonald's current tour on Twitter. 

Seems amicable.