'Let's face it, actors are very stupid,' Tina Fey tells Howard Stern

Tina Fey had just about enough of the lectures at the Oscars — but that Leonardo DiCaprio fellow, with the stuff about the climate change, he wasn't so bad.

"I always like it when someone is articulate at these things, because let's face it, actors are very stupid," the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" star told Howard Stern on Tuesday morning, with just a hint of deadpan humor in her voice. "And a lot of times when you let them talk ..."

And man, oh, man were they talking on Sunday night.

"Everyone's telling me what to do — people yelling at me about rape, and corporate greed, but really it's climate change ... I was like, guys, pick a lane," she said.

"You're all rich, why are you yelling at me about corporate greed?"

Fey also told Stern (in the profanity-laden chat) that after the show, she'd headed to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, where she tried and tried to catch Caitlyn Jenner's eye. Alas, the comedy queen acknowledged, "I'm such small potatoes at that thing." Jenner, on the other hand, was a very tall potato, even among hordes of not-so-small potatoes at the star-laden bash.

"You know it's a crazy party," the "30 Rock" alum said, "when you look around and go, 'Oh, here's someone normal I can talk to: Selena Gomez.'"

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