Zoe Saldana, clearly not pregnant, brings belly bump to NYSE opening

Whether a pregnant-looking Zoe Saldana really is pregnant remains an officially unanswered question

So yeah, um, Zoe Saldana's not pregnant? Nah, totally not pregnant.

The fact that she looked pretty darned pregnant when she and "Guardians of the Galaxy" costar Chris Pratt rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday means nothing.

Ditto the fact that Pratt felt the need to thrust his hips forward and playfully bump bellies with her as they mugged during the photo op.

Never mind that without clothes, the "Avatar" star has, to this point, typically looked like this.

So much for last week's stories that she and artist Marco Perego, whom she married last year, are expecting a baby. Or maybe even expecting twins.

After all, while she was being incredibly charming on "Good Morning America" on Monday, Saldana didn't mention One Darned Thing about what might be going on regarding her midsection.

A rep for Saldana told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that there has been no confirmation or discussion with the media regarding a possible pregnancy, only speculation by the media.

Clearly nothing to see here.

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