Exclusive: Check out a preview of 'Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!'

It's Snoopy, the World War I Flying Ace, against the Red Baron in 'Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!'

Who's ready to Snoopy dance?

A new original "Peanuts" graphic novel is on the way, and Hero Complex has the exclusive first look. Check out the cover image, as well as some pages from the graphic novel in the gallery below.

Featuring the characters created by Charles M. Schulz, "Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!" chronicles Snoopy's adventure as the World War I Flying Ace. The ace pilot's holiday in France is cut short when he is recruited for a top-secret mission that sends him behind enemy lines for intel on his sworn enemy, the Red Baron.

Snoopy's imagination runs free as his fantasy persona travels from French cafes for root beers to no-man's land to battle his nemesis.

In addition to Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Peppermint Patty and the rest of the usual Peanuts gang, Snoopy also encounters a few of his siblings as he works to complete his mission. 

"Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!" is written by Jason Cooper with art by Vicki Scott. The original graphic novel will be published by KaBoom, the all-ages imprint of Boom Studios, and is scheduled to be available at comic book shops on Sept. 16 (and Sept. 22 wherever books are sold).

Of course, the "Peanuts" gang is also on its way to the big screen in 3D and CG. A new trailer for the film has been released, and it also features scenes of Snoopy as the Flying Ace. 

The film is due to hit theaters on Nov. 6.

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