Watch one man transform into different zombies from the last 100 years

Apparently survival of the fittest applies to more than just living organisms -- even zombies evolve.

A video released by Top Trending (in conjunction with the video game "Dying Light: The Following") follows how pop culture zombies have evolved in the last 100 years. The ad ends up being both educational and a striking display of special effects makeup magic -- the time-lapse video shows a man being transformed into various zombies while offering facts that make each incarnation distinct.

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The video starts with the "voodoo zombie" dating back to 1932, from the movie "White Zombie" (based on W.B. Seabrook's 1929 book "The Magic Island"). Considered the first zombie feature, the zombies in "White Zombie" weren't actually undead. They were living people renedered mindless by a potion.

The video highlights "living dead" zombies (like those in the film "Night of the Living Dead"), "viral zombies" (remember "Resident Evil"?), "rabid zombies" (made popular by "28 Days Later"), "biters" (which includes "The Walking Dead" walkers), "Z zombies" (think the movie version of "World War Z") and, of course, the zombies that exist in the "Dying Light" world (called "Dying Light volatiles").

Two big takeaways: zombies have definitely upped the gore and have become much harder to kill in the last 100 years.

While time-lapse makeup videos are nothing new, they're usually more in the vein of "100 Years of Beauty" videos, so it's fun to see them take a geeky twist.

Here's to hoping this kicks off a new trend -- how about one with the evolution of the Joker?

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