Coachella 2015: Saturday opens with Bostich + Fussible on main stage

Bostich + Fussible offers a brand of fusion unlike anything else on the Coachella bill

Early arrivers could judge the amount of revelry that occurred Friday night during Coachella by the stains, cigarette butts and empty plastic wrappers dotting the pitch. Despite the cleaning staff's best efforts, for example, it's hard to remove the vomit stains splattered on the fading grass. Without getting gross, mistakes were made last night.

But, then, Friday had witnessed a cameo by DMX during DJ Snake's Sahara tent set, a second straight killer Caribou show, Azealia Banks rapping beneath a cartoon rainbow and river of eyeballs, Todd Terje and the Olsens working the Gobi tent.

Throughout the facility on the last Saturday morning of Coachella 2015, workers were busy prepping for Saturday night live. In the parking lots, big water trucks tamped down the dust by wetting it -- and, first-hand evidence suggests, wetting early arrivers unlucky enough to get caught in its path. To wit: this writer was drenched head-to-toe by a rampant blast of water that seemed -- seemed -- deliberate. Like, laughably, ridiculously drenched, so much so that if it hadn't happened to me it would have been hilarious. (I lost an hour returning to the hotel to change clothes. Security informed me that I wasn't the first to get this treatment.)

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Funny stuff, really, made all better by Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible, the Tijuana-based Mexican beat band that christened the main Coachella stage at 1 p.m. Amid chants of "Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!," the team mixed house music with regional Mexican norteno sounds, offering a brand of fusion unlike anything else on the bill. The sound was booming, and improved upon its memorable set at the Supersonico Festival in downtown Los Angeles last summer.

The rare Coachella band that features both a tuba guiding the bottom end with bass blows and an accordion player laying out rolling midrange, Bostich + Fussible performed tracks from throughout its career, but focused on work from its 2014 album "Motel Baja." The album celebrates Tijuana, Mexico, where Bostich + Fussible are part of a Tijuana reawakening after enduring years as the center of the border drug war.

Their set was a perfect opening to a sweltering day 2. Anybody seen that water truck?

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