Watch: Daniel Lanois' motorvating 'Cadillac remix' of Tinariwen track

Video: Daniel Lanois remixes a normadic world music track in the back of a Cadillac

By now we all know about the perils of driving and texting, but what about driving and remixing?

Fortunately, veteran producer-musician Daniel Lanois got himself a designated driver before hopping into the back seat of a 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham to cruise the streets of Toronto while remixing a track from nomadic world music group Tinariwen.

Lanois’ new spin -- literally -- on “Adounia Ti Chidjret,” from Tinariwen’s album “Emaarr,” emerged out of his role curating the recent ANTI-Thesis concert in Brooklyn at which he performed along with Tinariwen and the Antlers, whose song “Doppelganger” he’d also recently done a remix on.

He also brought some video cameras along and put together the accompanying video of the experience of remixing on the road. "We all listen to music in our cars," he explained.

Lanois is back in Los Angeles for a gigSunday at the El Rey Theatre in support of the recent release of his own “Flesh and Machine” album, in which he again delves into the “body music” that’s been a central part of his mission to produce music that listeners don’t just hear, but hopefully also feel in profound ways.

“To take a listeners on a sonic journey has always been my quest,” Lanois writes in the notes with “Flesh and Machine.” “For the listener to feel something they've never felt before would be the ultimate compliment.”

He’ll be accompanied at the El Rey by percussionist-drummer Brian Blade, who also plays on the largely instrumental album, although Lanois mixes human and animal vocal sounds into his eerie sonic explorations.

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