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Frank Ocean's not-so-nice response to Chipotle suit

Frank Ocean’s response to a lawsuit brought by burrito giant Chipotle? It’s unprintable in a family newspaper.

The avant-R&B singer was slammed by the Mexican-food eatery, accused of backing out of $425,000 deal to sing a remake of “Pure Imagination” for an animated ad about factory farming.

In the recently filed suit, Chipotle claimed that Ocean never recorded the track because he was peeved that the company’s logo appeared at the end of the animated spot.

Chipotle went on to charge that the singer’s camp emailed the company saying he was promised final say over the recording and all subsequent promotional materials tied to the campaign, and believed that Chipotle was in breach when it refused to remove its logo.

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Fiona Apple finally ended up lending her voice to the haunting spot (watch it here, if so inclined). The company is suing to get back the $215,500 advance paid to Ocean.

Ocean took to his Tumblr account on Monday to offer a terse rebuttal. First, he linked to the Wikipedia entry for "defamation."

And then he uploaded a scan of a cashier’s check in the sum of $215,500 that had Monday's date on it.

On the check, he blacked out the recipient of the money. But in the memo he nicely wrote an obscene phrase, making sure whoever was on the receiving end got their money -- and a lovely kiss-off.


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