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Watch: Sam Smith releases new video for 'Like I Can'

Sam Smith romps around New York with a gang of pals in excellent tuxedos in new video for 'Like I Can'

Sam Smith had a rout at this year's Grammy nominations. He's certainly entitled to throw himself a party.

That's the theme of the U.K. soul singer's new video for "Like I Can." The song was a sleeper-pick highlight off his album "In the Lonely Hour," and it's given a velvety black-and-white video treatment in a new clip released today.

In the video, Smith romps around New York with a gang of pals in excellent tuxedos. There's a wedding-party conviviality here that's a great look for Smith; he's at the peak of his young career and likely about to have his album thoroughly validated at the Grammys.

The song is also a fine choice for a new single. While "Stay With Me" ruled pop charts and cemented his status as one of the most significant new singers of recent years, "Like I Can" is a powerful showcase for his voice, and the song's plainspoken need affirms his skill at turning simple statements into big emotions.

The video is timed to a recent EP for the 'Like I Can" single. It's a small victory lap for a singer who is probably about to have a much bigger one. 

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