TV pilot based on Weezer's Rivers Cuomo gets its star

Ben Aldridge will play a Rivers Cuomo-inspired character for the new series "Detour."

Weezer's been waxing nostalgic about the '90s lately, and that extends to singer Rivers Cuomo's extra-curricular adventures outside of his band back then.

The singer has been developing a TV series for Fox, "Detour," based around his experiences going to Harvard University after Weezer struck it big with 1994's self-titled debut. Cuomo's education ambitions were well covered at the time, but now his concept for the show appears to be gaining momentum -- it's now got a cast, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Ben Aldridge, the British actor who had previously appeared on shows like the soapy cult hit "Reign" and BBC's "Our Girl," will play the Cuomo-inspired character of Michael Sturges, a rock star who quits his band to return to higher education.

They share a bit of a resemblance, and while Aldridge's smoldering looks might be more Hollywood than Cuomo's dad sweaters and Flying V guitar-shredding were at the time, we reserve the right to make a similar casting choice if it were us in the producer's chair directing our biopic.

Also co-starring is Joey Morgan as Sturges' awkward but lovable freshman roommate. The pilot is set to be directed by "The Wedding Ringer's" Jeremy Garelick and written by Steve Franks, the creator of the USA Network's "Psych."

No air date or schedule for the show has been announced yet. Weezer's recent pop-metal albums have been fairly divisive since 2000's "Green Album," but this is one project that even "Pinkerton" diehards can get behind. 

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