Ethan Allen

His Life and Times

Willard Sterne Randall

W.W. Norton: $29.95

The story of a hero from the New England frontier whose daring attacks during the American Revolution with his Green Mountain Boys nourished the young nation's appetite for mythic tales. (June)

Far Out Isn't Far Enough

Life in the Back of Beyond

Tomi Ungerer

Phaidon Press, $29.95

The famed illustrator and his wife's tale of living off the grid in Nova Scotia in 1971. Revised text and never before seen illustrations included in this new edition. (May)

From This Moment On

Shania Twain

Atria: $26.99

The country singer defies her own rule to forget the past and focus on the future to describe her climb to success and the sometimes rocky price one pays for fame. (May)

Glenn Ford

A Life

Peter Ford

University of Wisconsin Press: $24.95

Who would have a more intimate view of actor Glenn Ford than his son Peter? The author gives readers a glimpse of an actor who, though often playing an approachable Everyman on screen, retreated from the world and was deeply private. (June)

If You Ask Me