Celebrating Emmy nods the 'Entourage' way

Times Staff Writer

How "Entourage" can you get?

Awakened early Thursday morning with the news that the HBO original series he created had received seven Emmy nominations — including, for the first time in its three-year run, a nod for best comedy series — "Entourage" executive producer-head writer Doug Ellin stayed true to what most of the gimlet-eyed entertainment industryites on his show would have done.

He took the day off to go golfing.

But not with just any old duffers. Hitting the links with Ellin yesterday were "Entourage" cast members Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon — also nominated Thursday for supporting actor in a comedy series — and Jerry Ferrara. (The show's Ari Gold character, Emmy winner Jeremy Piven, who was also nominated for a 2007 Emmy, was in London shooting a movie.)

And befitting a show whose Hollywood verisimilitude has benefited from cameos by M. Night Shyamalan, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dogg and Scarlett Johansson, among others, the last member of the "Entourage" golf fivesome had to be a special guest star.

"Me, Kevin, Kevin and Jerry Ferrera are going golfing with Wayne Gretzky," Ellin said Thursday. "We have a mutual friend who owns Marquis Jet," he continued. "Apparently Wayne flies them all the time. [The friend] said, 'Wayne loves the show. You want to meet him? You should go golf together.'"

Ellin, for his part, remained fairly nonchalant about meeting hockey's most immortal player but admitted to a twinge of performance anxiety.

"I've played golf about six times in my life, so that should be interesting," Ellin, 39, said.

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