Bill O'Reilly tells Letterman people prefer zombies to Washington

David Letterman's favorite sparring partner, Bill O'Reilly, turned up on "Late Show" on Wednesday night to discuss his new book, "Killing Jesus," but talk quickly turned to the current state of politics in Washington, which resulted in a 16-day federal government shutdown that came to an end Wednesday night.

"I'm so tired of the government, I don't know who to blame," Letterman told O'Reilly. "Do we blame the president? Do we blame John Boehner? Do we blame crazy Ted Cruz? Who do we blame for the situation?"


"All of them," O'Reilly said. "This is why people hate government, and this is why people watch 'The Walking Dead.' All right? They would rather be attacked by zombies than have to watch this stuff."

Letterman wondered if O'Reilly were an elected official, if he would be so scared of his constituants that he would shut down the government. O'Reilly blew it off, saying he's not afraid of anyone. But he did provide a little insight into the minds of today's Congress.

"What happens is, that these guys go to Washington and they get addicted to the power and the gym and the free parking space and all that."

Letterman was greatly amused by that. "Addicted to the gym!"

But O'Reilly had to clarify. "It's not like they exercise. They've got a sauna."

Might we see zombies one day overrunning the congressional sauna on a future episode of "Walking Dead?" If so, ratings for the series may climb even higher.