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Charlie Sheen stops by 'Tonight Show' for one last love-fest

Charlie Sheen has had a rough few years, but he's always had a late-night friend in Jay Leno, even when the "Tonight Show" host was mocking him in the opening monologue. So for Sheen's final appearance with Leno as host of the "Tonight Show" on Thursday, Sheen brought nothing but compliments and gushing love.

After a montage of clips from Leno's plethora of Sheen monologue jokes, Sheen called Leno "the greatest comedic mind I have ever known." And while producers asked Sheen not to present gifts to Leno on the air, he went ahead and delivered a Three Musketeers bar that Sheen had given to his mother way back in 1993 in anticipation of filming "The Three Musketeers." She saved the bar for some reason, and now it's Leno's.

But to top it off, Sheen asked the audience to give Leno a standing ovation. And that's after all the drug and prostitute jokes.

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Meanwhile, Leno wanted to discuss all the times Sheen has canceled his appearances at the last minute, including the time Sheen asked his driver to stage an accident on the freeway.

"There was a moment where I went a little too hard in the afternoon," Sheen said. "And did not want to embarrass both of us on the air, so I staged a car crash."

The details? "I told Dylan, my old driver, to actually go into a skid, with me belted in," Sheen explained. "So there would be tire tracks on the road. And then put the thing in the ditch."

All to get out of five minutes in a comfy chair opposite arguably the easiest interviewer on TV.

As an added bonus, Sheen "mistakenly" referred to his former "Anger Management" costar Selma Blair as "Slima."

Blair left the show during its second season following many disputes with Sheen.


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