Dr. Oz hits back with investigation of 'mysterious' critics

Thursday was Dr. Oz's chance to take on critics who accused him of 'quack treatments' -- and he did

Thursday was Dr. Oz's chance to take on his critics — and he did.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the surgeon who hosts the syndicated health show "Dr. Oz," has been under fire from a group of 10 doctors who castigated him for promoting "quack treatments" and have urged Columbia University to dump him from the faculty.

"You may have seen the headlines attacking me this past week after a brazen letter from 10 mysterious doctors," Oz told viewers of his show on Thursday.

"I was surprised, since my life's work has been built around one simple message: You have a right, and a responsibility, to become a world expert on your own body," Oz continued.

He acknowledged that there has been a "backlash to my approach in some parts of the medical community." But he denied the critics' contention that he has promoted products for personal financial gain. He also said that he was not against genetically modified, or GMO, foods per se, as his colleagues claimed. Instead, he said he merely supports labeling such foods.

Also included was a taped "investigation" that explored the backgrounds of the 10 doctors who signed the letter against Oz. The piece claimed that the doctors "have big ties to big industry" —in particular ties to companies backing genetically modified food.

Of his critics, Dr. Oz said that "some of them have their own conflict-of-interest issues."

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