'Duck Dynasty' announces Season Four return date

'Duck Dynasty' announces Season Four return date
The Robertson family, from left, Willie, Kay, Korie, Phil, Sissy, Jase and Si. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

"Duck Dynasty," the most-watched reality show on cable TV, and second only to "The Walking Dead" in terms of overall cable audience, will return for its fourth season on Aug. 14.

The tagline for the new season is "Release the Quakin'," and just like "Clash of the Titans," the new season promises to be epic. That is, if you consider the prospect of seeing a previously unseen (and unbearded) Robertson brother to be epic.

Alan Robertson, the cleanshaven eldest brother, has given up his job as a preacher and joined the family duck call business as "Beards and Beauty Wrangler." That's a fancy title for managing the family's numerous speaking engagements.

The show's third-season finale drew a record 9.6 million viewers when it aired in April, making it the most-watched program in A&E's history.

The family is also recording a Christmas album, titled "Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas," which is expected to be released Oct. 29.