Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives emotional farewell to 'The View'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives emotional farewell to 'The View'
From left, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters on "The View" as Hasselbeck says goodbye. (Heidi Gutman / ABC)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had nothing but praise and warm wishes for her co-panelists on "The View" on Wednesday, her last day on the show after a decade.

On Tuesday, Hasselbeck announced she would be departing the ABC daytime show for Fox News, where she'd be joining the morning program "Fox & Friends."

For her final broadcast, which was the day after the news broke, Hasselbeck took a few moments to emotionally thank everyone on the show, from executive producer, Bill Geddie, to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and the absent Sherri Shepherd. But she had special words for Barbara Walters, the grande dame of "The View."

"I did the math last night and I believe, I could be wrong, I have over 3,000 days working by your side," Hasselbeck told Walters. "I think it's fair to say over the course of a decade I feel as though I have attended the Barbara Walters school of broadcasting journalism."

Hasselbeck joined "The View" when she was just 25 years old.

While Hasselbeck was understandably visibly emotional during her goodbyes, she wasn't alone. Walters herself, who is leaving "The View" and broadcast TV next year, was also emotional.

"I am a little emotional or as Barbra [Streisand] sometimes says, I'm a little verklempt," Walters said at the beginning of Wednesday's show. She continued, "As you can see I'm a little teary. I always want what's best for you. You know how I feel about you."

While Hasselbeck told viewers that she wasn't the first, nor would she be the last, to fill the chair on "The View" panel, Walters was in no mood to allude to anything approaching a replacement for her.

She told the audience that Hasselbeck's spot wouldn't be filled anytime soon, and there would be lots of guest-hosts in "The View's" future.

"Don't send us any tapes or resumes, please," Walters said.