Fans will see Kobe Bryant behind the scenes in Showtime doc

Fans will see Kobe Bryant behind the scenes in Showtime doc
Kobe Bryant, shown during a Lakers game in December. (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

Lakers star Kobe Bryant has been out for most of this season with injuries and his team has suffered, but things are already looking bright for next season with Bryant's return and an intimate look behind the scenes with the basketball superstar in a new Showtime documentary, "Kobe Bryant's Muse."

The film from director Gotham Chopra (son of Deepak Chopra), is currently in production and is described as a "deep-character portrait" of Bryant, exploring his life, inspirations and challenges. It is expected to air this fall on Showtime.

Bryant is expected to return to the Lakers next season, and not a moment too soon. The team finished its season Wednesday with the sixth-worst record in the NBA. It was so bad, Bryant took off on vacation in France with his family before the season was even over, according to a report in The Times. 

Though Chopra, who previously directed the ESPN "30 For 30" film "The Little Master," admits being a lifelong Boston Celtics fan, he expressed admiration for Bryant's cooperation in the film in a statement, saying: "I'm excited by his and Showtime's willingness to go down this rabbit hole together.  I'm confident audiences will be intrigued by what comes out the other side."

The documentary is expected to follow Bryant through his daily experience and look at the mentors, allies and rivals he's encountered through his career, as well as explore what the star is looking to do when his NBA tenure comes to an end.

Bryant currently has a contract with the Lakers for two more years for $48.5 million.