Jon Stewart grapples with Jon Stewart fallout

Jon Stewart may be leaving 'The Daily Show,' but he's not going to let his battle with Arby's end

On Tuesday, Jon Stewart dropped the bomb on his audience: He's leaving "The Daily Show" sometime this year. On Wednesday, he grappled with the reaction to his announcement.

"Last night I was perusing the Internet," he told his audience. "And I guess my question to you is, 'Did I die?'"

Stewart, no doubt, found one of the countless eulogies written about his impending departure from the show.

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"It all seems very ... 'I died,'" he said, appearing a little freaked out.

Stewart isn't sure when he's leaving the show, and he doesn't have any solid plans for what he'll do when he's actually gone. But that didn't stop the hashtag "#JobsforJonStewart" from trending on Twitter. It seems everyone has a suggestion for him. Even Arby's.

Arby's, the fast food chain, has been a longtime punchline for Stewart, who is no fan of their roast beef sandwiches. But in a bit of online badgering, Arby's tweeted on its official account, "Jon, feel free to reach out to us at"

"You know what? Working there might be fun," Stewart said. "I guess my only question as a future employee would be, to work there would I have to handle, serve, touch, eat or even look at what you so generously describe as food?"

"I do not accept your peace offer," Stewart said. "We shall always be enemies. For while you are a worthy adversary, you will be vanquished."

How will Arby's respond? Stay tuned.

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