Kathie Lee Gifford announces 'Today' musical

Kathie Lee Gifford announces 'Today' musical
The co-host of "Today's" fourth hour has co-written a musical to be performed on "Today" sometime this year. (Ilya S. Savenok / WireImage)

NBC is going musical-crazy! One year after its popular success with a live production of "The Sound of Music," the network is planning a live "Peter Pan." But it's not stopping there. Friday morning on "Today," co-host Kathie Lee Gifford dropped her own musical bombshell.

That's right, Kathie Lee has written a "Today" show musical.

The ever-effusive co-host of "Today's" loose fourth hour re-teamed with her former morning show partner Regis Philbin for Friday's show and dragged him into the announcement.

Details were few, but Gifford did give viewers the basics. The musical was written by Gifford, who co-wrote the music with composer David Friedman. It will run 18 minutes and feature members of the "Today" staff, with a guest appearance by Philbin. And it will be called "Not Today and Tomorrow's Not Looking Good Either."

Though no firm dates were set, Gifford promised we'd all get to see this production sometime before the end of the year. She also revealed it's been in the works since January.

"You're going to be surprised," Gifford said.

The nation anxiously awaits the results.

NBC's other musical, "Peter Pan" will air in December with Christopher Walken and Allison Williams.

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