Watch: Live chat with 'Empire' star Ta'Rhonda Jones

#Empire star @TaRhondajay chats w/ @TrevellAnderson Thursday @ 2:30pm PST. Submit questions using #askLATimes

It's decided: Behind every woman in power is an equally brilliant assistant making all of the wheels turn.

In the hip-hop soap opera "Empire," it is no different with Porsha, played by Ta'Rhonda Jones, as Cookie's righthand woman. 

Jones will stop by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday to take part in a live chat at 2:30 p.m. PDT — and we'll be getting her thoughts on the Wednesday's night's baby mama drama and the inspiration behind her sassy but classy role.

From her raw yet hilarious interjections to the epic scene where she helps dethrone Miss Boo Boo Kitty, we're getting details on it all (and hopefully hints at what's to come in next week's two-hour finale). Join the conversation by tweeting us your questions using #askLATimes or leave them here in the comments section.

Follow the reporter on Twitter: @TrevellAnderson.


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