'MasterChef' recap: Thanks for stopping by, Bri

'MasterChef' recap: Thanks for stopping by, Bri
Chef Gordon Ramsay, right, berates James in a restaurant takeover. (Fox)

So much for the theory that chef Gordon Ramsay used his save to bring Bri back so "MasterChef" would have its first vegetarian winner.

Bri was undone this week after her team lost one of the most demanding challenges in "MasterChef" history -- waltz on in to Wolfgang Puck's WP24 and turn out a fleet of complex Asian fusion dishes.

Not helping Bri a bit in this restaurant takeover challenge: The fact that her teammate, Krissi, "hates" Asian food and quickly became befuddled by the challenge, contributing to her team's last-place finish.

There was no penalty for her, however, as the losing team was forced to face a pressure test in the kitchen. The test? Go head-to-head in a calamari challenge.

Seriously? Calamari? For an Italian-loving chef like Krissi? What a gift. If given the chance, it's the challenge that Krissi might have dreamed up herself, knowing that it had a good chance of tripping up her nemesis, Bri.

Also, let's pause for just a moment and reflect on the bombshell revelation that Bri, as a vegetarian, doesn't actually eat the food that she makes if it involves animal protein. I guess the assumption -- the wrong assumption -- has been that she's setting aside those values for the purpose of the competition.

Nope. She just tastes around it. Like, tastes the seasoned flour that she dredged the calamari in, but not the actual fried calamari itself.

Given that, it's even more of a shock that Bri got as far as she did. And perhaps, given that, it's no surprise at all that she's on her way home. How can you not taste the food you prepare before serving it to the judges?

On her way home, Bri predicted that James will be the last competitor standing. Do you agree? As long as it's not that cackling hypocrite, Krissi. You can't have a "MasterChef" winner who says she hates Asian food. Can you?