Megyn Kelly: First-night ratings crush Rachel Maddow, Piers Morgan

Prime time seems to like

Megyn Kelly

just fine.

"The Kelly File," the new 9 p.m. show on Fox News Channel with the longtime network anchor, got off to a good start, grabbing 2.1 million viewers with Monday's premiere, according to Nielsen. 

Those numbers blew away the cable news competition. "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC drew just under 1 million viewers, while CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" was a distant No. 3 with 530,000. 

The week before, Sean Hannity's Fox News show -- which was moved to accomodate Kelly's show -- gathered about 1.8 million in the same time slot.

However, Maddow, who tends to draw a younger audience than Fox News, slipped past Kelly in the crucial adults 25 to 54 demographic, which governs most of the TV news business.


On her first show, Kelly featured an interview with firebrand Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, whom she called "the most hated man in America."

What do you think of Kelly and her new show?