Stephen Colbert compares Pope Francis to Batman

Stephen Colbert compares Pope Francis to Batman
Pope Francis waves to the crowd in Vatican City. (Franco Origlia / Getty Images)

There are few Roman Catholics more prominent in the media than Stephen Colbert, so it makes sense that the "Colbert Report" host would jump all over reports that Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican at night, disguised as a regular priest, to minister to the homeless.

"He's a vigilante vicar," Colbert declared of the reports, which the pope himself will not confirm. "Coming to the help of those in need? He's the Batpope!"

And now that you mention it, he kind of is like Batman. Colbert recounts the similarities.

"He's a wealthy bachelor who lives alone in a giant mansion," Colbert said.

"Batman has the Batmobile, while Francis has the Popemobile."

And here's the kicker: Batman, as portrayed by Christian Bale, talks to Morgan Freeman, while the pope talks to God, who is also Morgan Freeman (if you've seen "Bruce Almighty," that is).

And this point may be up for debate, but Colbert pointed out, "Just like the batsuit, the popesuit ... has nipples."

In other words, Pope Francis was designed by Joel Schumacher. Can we expect Pope Ben I next?