Stephen Colbert's victory lap will include chat with President Obama

As part of his victory lap, Stephen Colbert will interview President Obama on 'The Colbert Report' on Monday

Stephen Colbert is on the downhill slide for his time with "The Colbert Report." There are just eight more shows to go until his Dec. 18 sign-off, and even the Grim Reaper made an appearance Thursday night to remind him that his conservative persona was about to meet his end. But there's one very important guest still left to face off with Colbert's interviewing skills: President Obama.

Lucky for Colbert's fans, Obama isn't passing on the opportunity. 

On Thursday's show, Colbert announced that on Monday, he'll be doing his show from Washington, D.C., at George Washington University.

"I am so honored to be sitting down with the man who sat down with Bill O'Reilly," Colbert told his audience.

This isn't the first time Obama has appeared on Colbert's show. He last made an appearance in 2009. And he was on once before when he was a U.S. senator.

But now, with just a few days left in Colbert's reign as the greatest faux-conservative talking head on TV, this is his chance to grill Obama on all manner of topics.

You can watch Colbert make the announcement here.

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