Syfy developing 'Krypton' series set on Superman's home world

Syfy developing 'Krypton' series set on Superman's home world
David S. Goyer will executive produce the potential series "Krypton" for Syfy. (Fredrick M. Brown / Getty Images)

First there was the pre-Batman days of Gotham City in Fox's "Gotham." Soon there may be tales of Superman's homeworld on Syfy with the just-announced in-development series "Krypton."

Syfy and Warner Horizon Television are currently developing the potential series with "Man of Steel" screenwriter David S. Goyer and writer Ian Goldberg. Goldberg will write the script and Goyer will executive produce.

The series is expected to feature Superman's grandfather as he attempts to bring peace and tranquillity to the alien planet of Krypton, which was in much disarray when it finally exploded just after Kal-El's birth. Fans of the Superman mythos will recall that Kal-el's parents put him in an escape pod that crash-landed on Earth, where he was named Clark Kent.

But much as "Gotham" isn't concerned with the Batman stuff, this series will explore what life was like before Superman ever arrived on the scene.

Goyer has been very involved with the motion picture side of DC's properties, helping concieve the stories for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy as well as the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" film. He also co-wrote and served as executive producer of "Constantine" on NBC.

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