Talking TV: 'Doctor Who' is coming back

What does the new season have in store for 'Doctor Who?'

Time may not mean much to a Time Lord like The Doctor, but to the rest of us, it's been what feels like an eternity since we got our first glimpse of Peter Capaldi in "Doctor Who."

Now fans will get a chance to see Capaldi in action for real this Saturday when the series returns for a new season.

"Deep Breath" puts the Doctor and his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) on familiar ground in Victorian England, fighting the usual alien menace.

What are we hoping for? What are we afraid of? And how did we manage to make it through the past eight months without a new "Who?"

On Friday at noon Pacific join Times TV critic Mary McNamara, TV reporter Patrick Kevin Day, a pair of "Doctor Who" superfans and social media editor Stacey Leasca for a look ahead to what Saturday night holds for us. Then come back here again on Monday at noon Pacific for a discussion of the episode with Eric Deggans of NPR and Drew Siragusa of Fanboy Comics.

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