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Talking TV: Will 'Masters of Sex's' Lizzy Caplan take home an Emmy?

Lizzy Caplan is an Emmy hopeful for her role in 'Masters of Sex.' Will she win this year?

The Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner and one of the new names to appear in the nominees list is Showtime's "Masters of Sex."

Star Lizzy Caplan, who plays human sexuality researcher Virginia Johnson and supporting actors Beau Bridges and Allison Janney are all headed into the ceremony with nominations for their performances. 

Meanwhile, the show is in the midst of its second season and receiving rave reviews for both Caplan and her costar, Michael Sheen, who plays Johnson's partner William Masters.

How will the show fare at the Emmys this year? And will the show have an even bigger Emmy presence next year? Join Times TV critic Mary McNamara and TV reporter Yvonne Villarreal for an in-depth discussion of the acclaimed drama at noon Pacific on Tuesday.

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